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Break into the snowboarding event of the year to pull off one of the most insane tricks imaginable, all for the hope of scoring a wildcard entry to an exclusive invitational. To prove you’re up to the challenge, master the art of park riding, buttering, rails, and massive kickers and earn your place in the world of snowboarding.

While making another goofball video at the Frozen Wood resort, brand ambassador Lisa makes an offer for a couple of sponsored videos. She gives you a glimpse of a whole new world of snowboarding, professional riders, snowmobiles, and epic features to shred.

An invitational has attracted a whole bunch of pro-riders to the area, and with Lisa’s help, you have a chance to meet some of them, learn a move or two, and possibly even get a chance to join them in the kick-ass invitational. A love letter to snowboarding, Shredders takes inspiration from a whole bunch of awesome snowboarding films, the Amped games from the original Xbox, and the snowboarding heroes on Instagram.





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